The Sound of My Voice

I read somewhere that you should never apologize for long periods of silence on your blog.

So I won’t.

Work, kids, family, friends, a never-ending to-do list . . . it’s all the same stuff that makes finding time hard for everyone. For me it’s not only finding the time, it’s finding the energy — the creative space that writing takes when I actually have the time.

I’m convinced that getting those two things to match, whatever your passion, is one of the great challenges of life.

So over the last few months I’ve slugged through it, doing my best to find chunks of time to make the match. In the process, I’ve learned how difficult it is to listen to (or even find) the sound of your own voice when you haven’t heard it for a while.

And I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it.

Cheers to blogging again.

And seeing how it goes . . .

2 thoughts on “The Sound of My Voice

  1. Hi Susie, I read your thoughts and I didn’t see you mention time for Susie. There is a saying I have told Jess and Min, “If mommy ainn’t happy, ain’t nobody going to be happy” (I know the English is awful) I believe a mother has to find some time to get her thoughts together and enjoy life by doing something for herself or she could start resenting the chores she needs to do for the family. Soooo, just sit down, gather your thoughts and do something for yourself. Then, start being a mother, wife and writer again. Kathy


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