I Should Probably Go Pack

Last weekend was a complete disaster.

It began Friday morning with a general contractor holding a measuring tape across my dining room window shaking his head. “Too big,” he mumbled. Twelve custom-made windows waiting in my garage to be installed—all an inch and a half too big.

The events between that moment and flopping down on my couch Sunday night to write the opening blog for the Redbud Writers Guild were a blur: my paid job, a freelance editing project, a presentation in a marriage class. An hour spin class, six handmade birthday cards, four thank you notes, vampire face-painting training and two costume parties. Two trips to Target, one to Costco, one homemade batch of caramel corn, one failed appetizer, three hours of church, four hours of trick or treating and, oh, did I mention the windows?

Cry me a river; right? I’m sure your weekend didn’t look much different (minus the windows, I hope) because it seems to be just what we do. If I could, I’d write something reflective and philosophical about the pace of life, finding balance (or something that resembles it), priorities, boundaries,       limits . . . but guess what? I don’t, presently, have the time. 

The windows aren’t finished; there are chunks of drywall and layers of dust covering my house. My son needs a birthday present for a party after school and my daughter needs patches sewn on her brownie vest before 5pm. Shortly thereafter I’m jetting off to a weekend retreat (for which I’m not yet packed) entitled “Spa for the Soul.”  I’m thinking of quietly — just for me — renaming it in one word: “Spa.” My soul is tired.

Before I go, however, I do have one quick favor to ask. If you find yourself with a few spare moments (ironic comment, I know), I’d be honored if you’d use one of them to check out my post for the official launch of the Redbud Blog, a blog that hits all of my passions–writing, using your voice and making a difference.

I’m pretty sure that post is better than this one.

Wishing you, in the midst of whatever chaos you find yourself, a restful, peaceful, soulful, spaful weekend.


2 thoughts on “I Should Probably Go Pack

  1. Hi Suanne,
    So many of us can relate so well to what you’ve written! The ministry that Rob and I are working to create addresses this specific issue with families. I am in the same boat as you – aren’t most moms? – and am working hard to take my own advice and put into practice what I know works…but…life gets in the way and it’s hard to take the time to figure out a plan for life that simply is not so hectic! I’m glad to read you are taking time for you and your soul! I hope it truly was renewing for you!
    God’s blessings on your work!
    🙂 Chey


    • Chey, I know. There’s not a woman I know who doesn’t struggle to find a better sense of balance. I guess it’s why we have to take the moments we can to refresh. I’d love to hear more about what you and Rob have been up to. Sounds like lots of us could benefit!


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